Brett Lashua

Brett Lashua is a producer with Fresh Ed Flux. Brett teaches sociology of media at the Institute of Education, University College London (UK), where he is part of the Centre for Global Youth and the Centre for the Sociology of Education and Equity. He has worked with schools, community centers, and arts organizations in the USA, Canada, and the UK to address questions of youth inequalities, racialized borderlands, and urban place-making. His research is underscored by creative and collaborative methods including participatory music-making, soundscapes, cultural mapping, documentary filmmaking, and digital storytelling (as well as archival approaches). He is author of Popular Music, Popular Myth and Cultural Heritage in Cleveland: The Moondog, The Buzzard and the Battle for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Emerald, 2019), and he has co-edited two volumes of Sounds and the City (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014; 2019). Brett is an Associate Editor with the journals Leisure Sciences, and International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure, and Leisure/Loisir.