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Trust, Flexibility & Learning during Covid-19 in Finland

April 5, 2021/by Will Brehm

UNESCO, the World Bank, and Education Development

March 29, 2021/by Will Brehm

Learning from the Failure to Improve Literacy Worldwide

March 22, 2021/by Will Brehm

Will Brehm

March 15, 2021/by Will Brehm

Schooling as Uncertainty

March 8, 2021/by Will Brehm

Shadow Education in Africa and Beyond

March 1, 2021/by Will Brehm

Why is Vietnam an education superstar?

February 15, 2021/by Will Brehm

Education Reform and Development in Myanmar

February 8, 2021/by Will Brehm

School Dropout, Child Marriage & Early Pregnancy

December 14, 2020/by Will Brehm

Beyond well-being

December 7, 2020/by Will Brehm

Competency-based education in China

November 30, 2020/by Will Brehm

Indigenous Research Methodologies

November 16, 2020/by Will Brehm

Colonial Residues of Domesticity in Education Development

November 2, 2020/by Will Brehm

Technology, Education, and the Digital Generation

October 5, 2020/by Will Brehm

Celebrating World Teachers Day, Online

September 28, 2020/by Will Brehm

A-Levels debacle in England

September 21, 2020/by Will Brehm

Educational Privatization in Brazil and Portugal

September 7, 2020/by Will Brehm

Teach for All in Context

August 31, 2020/by Will Brehm

Private Higher Education and Covid-19

August 24, 2020/by Will Brehm

Deconstructing Teach for All

August 17, 2020/by Will Brehm


August 10, 2020/by Will Brehm

Planning to Reopen Schools

July 27, 2020/by Will Brehm

Education Development and the Future of Curriculum

June 29, 2020/by Will Brehm

Higher Education Internationalization from a Spiritual Approach

June 22, 2020/by Will Brehm

Celebrating 200 Episodes: Looking Back, Looking Forward

May 25, 2020/by Will Brehm

Learning from Education in Emergencies

May 18, 2020/by Will Brehm

Globalization, Failure & Uncertainty during COVID-19

May 11, 2020/by Will Brehm

COVID-19 as an opportunity for educational change

May 4, 2020/by Will Brehm

Pedagogy during a Pandemic

April 13, 2020/by Will Brehm

Unpacking School Internationalization

April 6, 2020/by Will Brehm

Educational planning in a time of coronavirus

March 30, 2020/by Will Brehm

Sitting quietly in a room alone: The fight against Covid-19

March 17, 2020/by Will Brehm

Digital Education and the future of learning

March 16, 2020/by Will Brehm

Financing education through domestic taxation

March 9, 2020/by Will Brehm

Navigating education and conflict in Burma and beyond

March 2, 2020/by Will Brehm

Powerful Knowledge

February 24, 2020/by Will Brehm

Affect Theory in Comparative Education

February 17, 2020/by Will Brehm

Partnerships in international aid to education

February 10, 2020/by Will Brehm

Higher Education for and beyond the SDGs

December 9, 2019/by Will Brehm

Let the Children Play

December 2, 2019/by Will Brehm

Advancing SDG Target 4.7

November 25, 2019/by Will Brehm

Futures of Refugee Education

November 18, 2019/by Will Brehm

What is the role of education in times of climate crisis?

November 11, 2019/by Will Brehm

Indigenous women and research

November 4, 2019/by Will Brehm

Education Beyond the Human

October 28, 2019/by Will Brehm

Transgender Students and Education Law

October 21, 2019/by Will Brehm

Ensina!: Teach For All in Brazil

October 14, 2019/by Will Brehm

TVET and Productive Capabilities

September 30, 2019/by Will Brehm

UNESCO’s Futures of Education Project

September 23, 2019/by Will Brehm

Teaching Life

September 2, 2019/by Will Brehm

Learning from transport trade unions

August 19, 2019/by Will Brehm

Union Renewal

August 12, 2019/by Will Brehm

Education Trade Unions: The Big Issues

August 5, 2019/by Will Brehm

Critiquing School Based Management

July 29, 2019/by Will Brehm

Higher Education Internationalization in Japan

July 22, 2019/by Will Brehm

Teach For America and teacher education at a crossroads

July 15, 2019/by Will Brehm

Childhood and Schooling in Socialist Societies

July 8, 2019/by Will Brehm

International students; Reimagining the dream

June 24, 2019/by Will Brehm

Church/State Relations in Public Schools

June 17, 2019/by Will Brehm

Building Evidence on Education in Emergencies

June 10, 2019/by Will Brehm

The Good University

June 3, 2019/by Will Brehm

Free speech and academic freedom on campus

May 27, 2019/by Will Brehm

World Bank, Rates of Return & Education Development

May 20, 2019/by Will Brehm

Climate Change and Education Policy

May 13, 2019/by Will Brehm

Special Education Law in the United States and Beyond

May 6, 2019/by Will Brehm

Special Education Legal and Policy Issues

April 21, 2019/by Will Brehm

Altered States of Education

April 15, 2019/by Will Brehm

School privatization and discrimination

April 8, 2019/by Will Brehm

US Imperialism and Education: The Case of Venezuela

April 1, 2019/by Will Brehm

International Students in Trump’s America

March 11, 2019/by Will Brehm

The costs of PISA

January 28, 2019/by Will Brehm

Learning as Development

January 21, 2019/by Will Brehm

Climate Change, Education, and Sustainability

January 14, 2019/by Will Brehm

A perfect storm of inequality?

January 7, 2019/by Will Brehm

2018 in Review

December 30, 2018/by Will Brehm

The past and future of SDG 4.7

December 24, 2018/by Will Brehm

Measuring and Monitoring the SDGs

December 17, 2018/by Will Brehm

Defining the field of comparative education?

December 10, 2018/by Will Brehm

Education’s Financing Crisis

December 3, 2018/by Will Brehm

2019 Global Education Monitoring Report

November 20, 2018/by Will Brehm

Constitutional Law and Public Schools, Part 2

November 19, 2018/by Will Brehm

Constitutional Law and Public Schools, Part 1

November 12, 2018/by Will Brehm

Hyland et al v. Navient: The fight over student debt

November 5, 2018/by Will Brehm

Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China

October 29, 2018/by Will Brehm

Global cities, climate change, and academic frontiers

October 22, 2018/by Will Brehm

The trouble of internationalization and interdisciplinarity

October 15, 2018/by Will Brehm

The power of LinkedIn in higher education

October 8, 2018/by Will Brehm

Education, Gender and sexual health

October 1, 2018/by Will Brehm

Against Creativity

September 24, 2018/by Will Brehm

Defaulting on student loans in America

September 17, 2018/by Will Brehm

Trump, detained children, and online charter schools

September 10, 2018/by Will Brehm

Americans’ views of Higher Education

August 19, 2018/by Will Brehm

What is Critical Posthumanist Education?

July 16, 2018/by Will Brehm

Reimagining social science and post-socialist utopias

July 9, 2018/by Will Brehm

Migration, religion, and schooling in democratic states

July 2, 2018/by Will Brehm

What’s wrong with rights?

June 25, 2018/by Will Brehm

The Global Diffusion of Conditional Cash Transfers

June 18, 2018/by Will Brehm

Why did Sweden cancel its agreement with Elsevier?

June 11, 2018/by Will Brehm

Teachers and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

June 4, 2018/by Will Brehm

The Datafication of Comparative Education

May 28, 2018/by Will Brehm

Critiquing the World Development Report

April 30, 2018/by Will Brehm

Studying Marx under Kozo Uno

April 23, 2018/by Will Brehm

Educational privatization in Japan

April 16, 2018/by Will Brehm

Haiti, me & THE WORLD

April 2, 2018/by Will Brehm

Learning to be a teacher

March 26, 2018/by Will Brehm

What School Could Be

March 19, 2018/by Will Brehm

The Challenge of Fascism

March 5, 2018/by Will Brehm

The Idea

February 26, 2018/by Will Brehm

Prisoner Re-entry in the USA

February 18, 2018/by Will Brehm

The Next Economic Crisis?

February 12, 2018/by Will Brehm

Empowered educators

February 5, 2018/by Will Brehm

2017 in Review

December 28, 2017/by Will Brehm

A Marxist critique of higher education

December 18, 2017/by Will Brehm

International scholarships in higher education

December 11, 2017/by Will Brehm

El Chavo del Ocho as a New Direction in Comparative Education

December 4, 2017/by Will Brehm

Should we copy Finland’s education system?

November 27, 2017/by Will Brehm

The Education Redesign Lab

November 20, 2017/by Will Brehm

Portraying refugee education

November 6, 2017/by Will Brehm

Framing international education in global times

October 30, 2017/by Will Brehm

Decolonizing Teacher Training in Pakistan

October 23, 2017/by Will Brehm

New Frontiers in Comparative Education

October 16, 2017/by Will Brehm

Decolonizing Graduate School Knowledge at UNC

October 9, 2017/by Will Brehm

Settler Colonialism and the Academy

October 2, 2017/by Will Brehm

Measuring Global Citizenship Education

September 25, 2017/by Will Brehm

The promises and perils of progressive sexuality education

September 18, 2017/by Will Brehm

Playing War in Japan

September 11, 2017/by Will Brehm

Addicted to Reform

August 7, 2017/by Will Brehm

Entrepreneurship education in Tanzania

July 31, 2017/by Will Brehm

Knowledge traditions in the study of education

July 24, 2017/by Will Brehm

Hard questions on global educational change

July 17, 2017/by Will Brehm

Memory, power, and identity inside textbooks

July 10, 2017/by Will Brehm

What are intercultural competencies?

July 3, 2017/by Will Brehm

What works may hurt

June 26, 2017/by Will Brehm

Exploring educational privatization

June 19, 2017/by Will Brehm

What makes American higher education great?

June 12, 2017/by Will Brehm

Exploring global citizenship education

June 5, 2017/by Will Brehm

The Global Education Race

May 29, 2017/by Will Brehm

The globalization of curriculum markets

May 15, 2017/by Will Brehm

Human Rights Education

May 8, 2017/by Will Brehm

Challenging the commonplace relationship between test scores and GDP

May 1, 2017/by Will Brehm

The power and perils of international large scale assessments

April 24, 2017/by Will Brehm

Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances

April 17, 2017/by Will Brehm

Can education be used to create sustainable peace?

April 10, 2017/by Will Brehm

The Skills Gap in Asia and Africa

April 3, 2017/by Will Brehm

Globalization and education after Trump and Brexit

March 27, 2017/by Will Brehm

Framing the Global with Global Studies

March 20, 2017/by Will Brehm

Entrepreneurship Education in Rwanda

March 13, 2017/by Will Brehm

The privatization of education

March 6, 2017/by Will Brehm

Academic career advice

February 27, 2017/by Will Brehm

Education in Post-Mao China

February 20, 2017/by Will Brehm

Portuguese Aid to Education in Guinea Bissau

February 13, 2017/by Will Brehm

CIES Candidates for Vice-President

February 6, 2017/by Will Brehm

Re-thinking Evaluations in Aid to Education

January 30, 2017/by Will Brehm

Colonial Entanglements in Comparative Education

January 23, 2017/by Will Brehm

2016 in review

December 23, 2016/by Will Brehm

Education Policy in a New ‘Global’ Era

December 14, 2016/by Will Brehm

Youth violence and the neocolonial system of education in Trinidad

December 12, 2016/by Will Brehm

How Do Economists Understand Education?

December 5, 2016/by Will Brehm

Exploring educational privatization worldwide

November 28, 2016/by Will Brehm

Social cohesion as a global education policy

November 21, 2016/by Will Brehm

Interfaith Dialogues on Campus

November 16, 2016/by Will Brehm

CIES Symposium Day 2: Wrap up

November 12, 2016/by Will Brehm

CIES Symposium Day 1: A missing voice?

November 11, 2016/by Will Brehm

Setting the stage for the CIES Symposium on Global Learning Metrics

November 9, 2016/by Will Brehm

History and development of international assessments

November 7, 2016/by Will Brehm

The meaning of “learning” in Global Learning Metrics

October 31, 2016/by Will Brehm

The cultural insensitivity of global learning metrics

October 25, 2016/by Will Brehm

The problems with outcome-based approaches to education

October 17, 2016/by Will Brehm

PISA, policy referencing, and pantomime

October 10, 2016/by Will Brehm

Seeing Like PISA

October 3, 2016/by Will Brehm

Schools, skills and economic growth

September 26, 2016/by Will Brehm

The impracticality of practical research

September 20, 2016/by Will Brehm

Capitalism, Inequality, and Education

September 12, 2016/by Will Brehm

Urban Refugees and Education

September 5, 2016/by Will Brehm

Brexit and Education: an update

September 2, 2016/by Will Brehm

Educational change (or not) in Japan

August 28, 2016/by Will Brehm

Developmental Leadership in the Philippines

August 21, 2016/by Will Brehm

The Comparative Case Study Approach

August 15, 2016/by Will Brehm

Arrested while researching: the case of Curtis Riep and Bridge International

August 8, 2016/by Will Brehm

Decolonizing Knowledge

August 1, 2016/by Will Brehm

Brexit and Education

June 28, 2016/by Will Brehm

Film in educational research

June 27, 2016/by Will Brehm

Global Partnership for Education

June 20, 2016/by Will Brehm

Education For All as international regime

June 13, 2016/by Will Brehm

What role do editors play in shaping academic fields?

May 30, 2016/by Will Brehm

The end of Human Capital Theory?

May 23, 2016/by Will Brehm

Textbooks in Latvia before and after the Soviet Union

May 16, 2016/by Will Brehm

PISA in Germany

May 9, 2016/by Will Brehm

Reading the Social Networks of Universities on Twitter

May 2, 2016/by Will Brehm

The Global Education Industry

April 25, 2016/by Will Brehm

The empire of English language

April 18, 2016/by Will Brehm

Do elite schools have a social aesthetic?

April 11, 2016/by Will Brehm

Scholar-Practitioners in higher education

March 28, 2016/by Will Brehm

Competition in higher education

March 21, 2016/by Will Brehm

English language in Asian Higher Education

March 14, 2016/by Will Brehm

Mobility and dwelling in higher education

March 11, 2016/by Will Brehm

The rise of regionalisms

March 7, 2016/by Will Brehm

New spatial thinking

February 29, 2016/by Will Brehm

Rethinking the PISA Debate

February 22, 2016/by Will Brehm

PISA For Schools, explained

February 15, 2016/by Will Brehm

Multi-sited global ethnography

February 1, 2016/by Will Brehm

Gender and equity in education

January 18, 2016/by Will Brehm

The Global Testing Culture

January 11, 2016/by Will Brehm

The rise of Asia higher education?

December 21, 2015/by Will Brehm

Asian Higher Education

December 14, 2015/by Will Brehm

Higher Education in Thailand

December 7, 2015/by Will Brehm

Researching Private Tutoring

November 30, 2015/by Will Brehm

Space in educational research

November 23, 2015/by Will Brehm

Educational privitization

November 17, 2015/by Will Brehm

Regionalism in the Caribbean

November 16, 2015/by Will Brehm

Lobbyists and educational privatization

November 9, 2015/by Will Brehm

The policy orchestration of private actors in education

November 2, 2015/by Will Brehm

Privatization and public investment in education

October 26, 2015/by Will Brehm