Today Yanan Yu joins me to talk about her FreshEd Flux episode, which aired last week. Spoiler alert: we talk about her episode in depth in today’s show, so if you haven’t already listened to her episode, I recommend you do so right now. Really, hit pause, go back and listen to her flux episode, and then come back here to go behind the scenes.

In our conversation today, Yanan details what it’s like to live in a vision centric world and the difficulty of making a podcast. She talks about moving to the United Kingdom and inclusive education.

Yanan Yu completed her master’s degree at the University of Bristol and recently finished an internship at the BBC. She is currently looking to enrol in a PhD program where she can further her studies on inclusive education.

Citation: Yu, Yanan, interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 298, podcast audio, October 24, 2022.