In this Flux episode, Yardain Amron crafts a narrative that shows complex theories in action. He doesn’t simply tell his listeners what these ideas are or name them explicitly. He takes us to disparate places–from universities in India and Puerto Rico to Occupy Wall Street–and makes a connection between them by embedding stories within stories.

Through this nested narrative, he shows us how the streets are schools by exploring spaces of activism as educative sites, while leading us to the core idea at the heart of this episode: the relationship between debt and violence.

Yardain Amron is a freelance journalist and master’s student in Geography at the University of British Columbia.

Today’s episode was created, written, produced, and edited by Yardain Amron. Johannah Fahey was the executive producer and Brett Lashua and Will Brehm were the producers. Flux theme music was composed by Joseph Minadeo of Pattern Based music.

Music in this episode came from Blue Dot Sessions (
Tiny Bottles
The Bus at Dawn
Kvelden Trapp

David Graeber clip from “Debt: The First 5000 Years — Extended Interview” by Uprising with Sonali.

Special thanks to Eleni Schirmer, Jose Laguarta, Banojyotsna Lahiri, Alessandra Rosa, and the many other student- and scholar-activists across the globe whose experiences and expertise, if not voices, underpin this story.