Today we air the next episode of Flux. This episode was created by Bhavani Kunjulakshmi, a recent graduate of the UCL Institute of Education and staff writer at Feminism in India. Bhavani’s episode explores the meaning of colonization and decolonization in international development and education. We might think we know what colonization is. The history. The actors involved. The exploitation. But what does it feel like? And then what would it mean to decolonize? And what would that feel like? Bhavani explores these questions.

This episode was created, written, produced and edited by Bhavani Kunjulakshmi.

Johannah Fahey was the executive producer.
Brett Lashua and Will Brehm were the producers.


Laila Kadiwal

The bell hooks’ clip was a part of ‘A Public Dialogue between bell hooks & Laverne Cox hosted by Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts’ (Creative commons)

Fred Brehm read the quote by Noah Chomsky and Fran Vavrus read the quote by Martha Nussbaum.

The clip of Amartya Sen was a part of ‘Equality and growth – an interview with Amartya Sen’ (Creative commons)

Quote by Noam Chomsky about Kerala was from Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Noam Chomsky, Howard Gardner, and Bruno della Chiesa Askwith Forum (Creative commons)

Quotes by Martha Nussbaum was from “Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach” (Creative commons)

Music: The Spirituals Project – Sankofa – Oh Freedom (Creative commons)

Additional music was composed by M.C Couper