Mary Mendenhall, Garnett Russell, & Elizabeth Buckner
Urban Refugees and Education

Did you know that today there are more forcibly displaced people than at any time since World War II?

The total number comes out to roughly 65 million, including internally displaced peoples, asylum seekers, and refugees. That’s roughly 1 out of every 113 people on Earth.

Today I speak with three professors from Teachers College, Columbia University about their research project on urban refugees, which is being funded by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

At Teachers College, Mary Mendenhall is an Assistant Professor of Practice in International and Comparative Education; Garnett Russell is an Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Education; and Elizabeth Buckner is a Visiting Assistant Professor in International Comparative Education.

Below the fold, you can find some of their research photos showing urban refugee education around the world and a video presentation on the subject.

Citation: Mendenhall, Mary, Russell, Garnett and Buckner, Elizabeth, Interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 40, Podcast audio, September 5, 2016.