Matthew A.M. Thomas, Emilee Rauschenberger & Katy Crawford-Garrett
Teach for All in Context

Today we continue our exploration of Teach for All. Two weeks ago, we explored Teach for All counter-narratives. Now we look at empirical research evidence across contexts where Teach for All operates. With me are Matthew Thomas, Emilee Rauschenberger and Katy Crawford-Garrett who have recently co-edited Examining Teach For All: International Perspectives on a Growing Global Network. The collection “brings together research focused on Teach for All and its affiliate programmes to explore the organization’s impact on education around the world.”

Matthew A.M. Thomas is a Senior Lecturer in Comparative Education and Sociology of Education at the University of Sydney; Emilee Rauschenberger is Senior Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University; and Katy Crawford-Garrett is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of New Mexico