Today Matthew Thomas fills in for Will Brehm. Some of you might recognize his voice. Matthew’s been a guest a few times on the FreshEd over the years. Now it’s his turn to interview Will, which he did as part of an event organized last week at the University of Sydney.

In their conversation today, Matthew and Will explore the issue of regional identity in Southeast Asia’s Mekong region. Together with Yuto Kitamura, Will has a new co-edited book entitled Memory in the Mekong: Regional Identity, Schools, and Politics in Southeast Asia.

Will Brehm is an associate professor of education and international development at the UCL Institute of Education. He is also the host of FreshEd. Today’s episode was organized by the Sydney Comparative and International Education Community, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, and the History and Education SIG of the Australian Association for Research in Education.

Citation: Brehm, Will interview with Matthew Thomas, FreshEd, 281, podcast audio, May 23, 2022.