Halla B. Holmarsdottir
Technology, Education, and the Digital Generation

Children today are inundated with technology. Video games, smartphones, and computers are common in the lives of today’s digital generation. With school closures from the covid-19 pandemic, learning from home only added to the screen time overload for many children.

How do children and young people use and are affected by technological transformations in their everyday lives? How are schools and education systems adapting to these changes? And what might we learn from the coronavirus when it comes to technology and education?

With me is Halla Holmarsdottir a Professor in the Faculty of Education and International Studies at the Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway.

She is currently the coordinator of a large-scale European Research project funded by Horizon 2020 (grant agreement No 870548) entitled The Impact of Technological Transformations on the Digital Generation (DigiGen). The DigiGen project focuses on the impact of digital technology on the lives of children and young people primarily in Europe.

Citation: Holmarsdottir, Halla, interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 217, podcast audio, October 5, 2020. https://freshedpodcast.com/holmarsdottir/