T. Jameson Brewer, Kathleen deMarrais & Kelly L. McFaden
Deconstructing Teach for All

Today we look at counter narratives to Teach for All, the global network of affiliate organizations that recruit people to make 2-year commitments teaching in high-need schools. An outgrowth of Teach for America and Teach First in the United Kingdom, Teach for All advances a one-size fits all solution to educational problems in over 53 countries. It is funded by powerful corporations and organizations, such as the Clinton Global Initiative, and has become an important actor in the global education reform movement.

But what do former recruits think of Teach for All? How does Teach for All’s carefully crafted message of reform translate into practice? My guests today are Jameson Brewer, Kathleen deMarrais and Kelly L. McFaden who have recently co-edited a volume called Teach for All Counter Narratives. The book is a collection of first-hand accounts where former recruits offer powerful critiques of the organization and its methods.

Jameson Brewer is an Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education at the University of North Georgia where Kelly L. McFaden is a professor. Kathleen deMarrais is a Professor and Department Head in the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy at the University of Georgia.

Citation: Brewer, T. Jameson & deMarrais, Kathleen & McFaden, Kelly L., interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 210, podcast audio, August 17, 2020. https://freshedpodcast.com/tjamesonbrewer-kathleendemarrais-kellylmcfaden/