Carlos Navia Canales
Reimagining Education in Chile’s New Constitution

In 2020, Chilean citizens voted for their national constitution to be re-written. This was the culmination of mass protests the year before. Now a Constitutional Convention is actively re-writing a new constitution, which will be put to the public for an up or down vote later this year.

With me to talk about the ways in which education is being reimagined in the new constitution is Carlos Navia Canales. Carlos is a lawyer with experience in Human Rights, Constitutional Law, and the Right to Education. He is currently a technical advisor on education to the Socialist Party at the Constitutional Convention. In our conversation, he takes us inside the Convention, detailing some of the debates delegates are having over education.

Citation: Canales, Navia Carlos, interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 271, podcast audio, February 28, 2022.