Today is the 200th episode of FreshEd! To celebrate this milestone, we take you behind the scenes to meet our talented team: Lushik Wahba, Sherry Yang, Hang Duong, Fatih Aktas, Injung Cho, Iveta Silova, Yuto Kitamura, David Edwards, Arathi Sriprakash, and Keita Takayama. These are the people who edit and produce episodes; the people who manage FreshEd’s social media; and the board members who provide guidance. This episode gives you a sense of the massive volunteer effort it has taken to get to 200 and describes where FreshEd aims to go in the future. Of course, none of this would have been possible without FreshEd’s dedicated audience. Thank you for the past 200 episodes!

Citation: Yang, Sherry, Harvey, David, Kitamura, Yuto, Takayama, Keita, Cho Injung, Aktas, Fatih, Edwards, David, Sriprakash, Arathi, Silova, Iveta, Wahba, Lushik, Duong, Hang, interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 271, podcast audio, May 25, 2020.