Michael Crossley
Reflecting on Comparative and International Education

Today Michael Crossley reflects on the field of comparative and international education. He looks at different eras to unpack some of the major debates in the field. Taking this historical perspective provides useful context and intellectual tools to understand and make sense of the big issues facing the field today, such as environmental uncertainty and decolonization.

Michael Crossley is Emeritus Professor of Comparative and International Education at the University of Bristol. The reflections in today’s episode are based on his article “Epistemological and Methodological Issues and Frameworks in Comparative and International Research in Education,” which was published in the New Era of Education: The Journal of the World Education Fellowship.

Citation: Crossley, Michael interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 312, podcast audio, March 13, 2023.https://freshedpodcast.com/crossley/