Karishma Desai & Chris Kirchgasler
Colonial Residues of Domesticity in Education Development

Today we look at some of the colonial legacies in discourses around girls’ education.

With me are Chris Kirchgasler and Karishma Desai. They’ve recently published an article entitled, “‘Girl’ in Crisis: Colonial Residues of Domesticity in Transnational School Reforms,” which was published in the Comparative Education Review.

Chris Kirchgasler is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Karishma Desai is an assistant Professor at Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

Citation: Desai, Karishma & Kirchgasler, Chris, interview with Will Brehm, FreshEd, 219, podcast audio, November 2, 2020. https://freshedpodcast.com/kirchgasler-desai/