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Afghanistan, Saffron, and a Hard Drive

From Conflict and Refuge to Education and Belonging

by Mir Abdullah Miri
PhD Student, University of Bath, UK

From a lecturer in Afghanistan to a PhD student in the UK, my focus has shifted from conflict and sanctuary to refugee education and belonging. I’ve selected three podcasts that mirror this journey, delving into experiences and challenges of displacement and conflict. They explore humanitarian efforts, peacebuilding, and refugee education, resonating personally with my transition and academic specialisation.

Brad Blitz’s Focus on Afghanistan offers a crucial perspective on the evacuation process, encompassing personal narratives and political considerations. Having been evacuated from Afghanistan through Brad’s initiative, I find this podcast deeply resonant and informative. It not only reflects my personal journey but also functions as an educational instrument, unveiling complex matters related to Afghanistan’s current situation. This makes it an essential listen for those seeking to comprehend the human implications of international occurrences.

Anatoly Oleksiyenko’s War and Education in Ukraine delves into academia’s contribution to peacebuilding amid the Ukrainian crisis. Investigating themes like open science, decolonization, and war complexities, this podcast highlights a crucial overlap between science and geopolitics. As a scholar centred on refugee education, I appreciate this distinctive perspective on global relations and conflict. It aligns with elements of my personal encounters and research, inspiring my comprehension.

Sarah Dryden-Peterson’s Right Where We Belong navigates the changing landscape of refugee education. Investigating phases like liberation, standardization, localization, and nationalization, Sarah’s emphasis on belonging, empathy, and strategic foresight deeply connects with my academic pursuits. As a scholar in refugee education, her perspectives are relevant and motivating. They harmonise perfectly with the overarching themes of the selected podcasts, reinforcing my academic direction.

I endorsed these podcasts because they align with my background as a lecturer, refugee, and researcher, offering a distinctive synthesis of education, empathy, and comprehension within the landscape of conflicts and displacement. I urge listeners to delve into these invaluable insights. My heartfelt appreciation to Will Brehm and FreshEd for their contributions.

September 1, 2023