Hand-picked collections by special guests to help you sift through our archive. New lists updated monthly.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the best combination of FreshEd episodes for our listeners’ varied interests. Across four shows and two languages, FreshEd has aired hundreds of episodes since 2015 covering a wide range of topics. To help you sift through our growing archive, we invite special guests each month to hand-pick a collection of episodes. The special guest not only curates a selection of episodes but also explains their connections in a critical op-ed. The special guest should engage with FreshEd content and develop their own opinions. This is the purpose and goal of our Recommended feature.

Each month, a new Recommended list is published. Lists contain three to five episodes accompanied by a 800-word blog post. This feature is edited by FreshEd team member Fatih Aktas. If you would like to put together a Recommended list, please feel free to submit one using the button above.