Vitor Barbosa
Paulo Freire Centenary: “The Ambassador”

Youth and Adult Education was one of the main political tools of Paulo Freire’s pedagogy. The literacy method implemented by Freire in Angicos (in Rio Grande do Norte, northern Brazil) traveled the world and had a special influence on Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa due to its emancipatory nature.

Vitor Barbosa, an adult educator in Luanda, tells how this experience has also spread to countries such as Angola, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe and Cape Verde, at a time when there was an atmosphere of political renewal with the recent processes of independence.

Barbosa, who is also president of the Angolan Association for Adult Education and a member of Relus (Lusophone Network for the Right to Education), brings reports on how the practice of Freirean pedagogy manages to be liberating for adults in his country.