N’Cak Morgado and Lino Mané
How to connect youth empowerment with the right to education

How can the participation of adolescents and young people in a citizen action project incorporate concepts of student empowerment go together with the guarantee of human rights?

This is the proposal for the program “Citizen Path: From Dream to Action”, which is developed in Guinea-Bissau by the Essor organization, in partnership with several associations, including RENAJ – National Network of Youth Associations of Guinea Bissau.

Let’s get to know how life project activities are connected with an incentive to citizen participation within the school community, and how this methodology promotes life projects while prioritizing the rights of children and adolescents.

N’Cak Morgado, coordinator of education and training and professional placement of the NGO Essor, and Lino Saco Mané, technician of the “Percurso Cidadão” program, but also researcher, broadcaster, social activist, and coordinator of the environment and sustainable development department at RENAJ.