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Jason Beech
New spatial thinking

Educational transfer or policy borrowing is one of the major topics in comparative education. When I spoke with Rattana Lao in episode 7 of FreshEd, we discussed the ways in which a culture of borrowing has emerged in Thailand’s educational quality assurance system. On today’s show, I continue the conversation on educational transfer and policy borrowing […]

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Aziz Choudry
Activism and social movements

Social movements produce a huge amount of intellectual knowledge. Yet, in many academic circles, this knowledge is overlooked. Aziz Choudry has spent most of his life working with social movements around the world. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University and visiting professor at the Centre for […]

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Jane Kenway
Multi-sited global ethnography

Jane Kenway is an emeritus professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. For the past several years, Professor Kenway has led a team of scholars and students from around the world on a multi-sited global ethnography of elite schools in 12 countries. The study explores the global forces, connections and imaginations on elite schools, and hopes to […]

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Supriya Baily
Gender and equity in education

Is gender parity in education the same as gender equality? And what about gender equity? These terms have different meanings but are often conflated to mean the balance between the number of boys and girls attending school. This statistical measure of parity says nothing of gender equality or equity, and misses important issues of education quality. […]

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Fazal Rizvi
The Rise of Asia higher education?

Consider this opening paragraph to an article in University World News early this year: Many Asian countries have been setting ambitious goals to expand and improve their higher education sectors to respond to their growing aspirational middle class and as a result are on the way to catching up with and even overtaking the best higher education […]

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Hugo Horta
Asian Higher Education

In the last few decades, higher education in Asia has seen rapid expansion of enrolment rates, institutional growth and change, an internationalization drive, and knowledge outputs that are comparable to many western universities. Nevertheless, the topic of Asian Higher education remains mostly understudied. The same can be said of Asian higher education research and its communities, which […]