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History and development of international assessments
Dirk Hastedt

We often think of international assessments as being synonymous with PISA, the OECD international assessment that has been the focus of many shows in FreshEd’s mini-series on global learning metrics. But international assessments have a history far beyond PISA. In fact, it was the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, known as the […]

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The meaning of “learning” in Global Learning Metrics
Supriya Baily

Next week the CIES Symposium will take place where scholars and practitioners from around the world will come together to discuss and debate the desirability and feasibility of global learning metrics. I’ve had the honor of interviewing many of the speakers who will attend the symposium. And one things that has struck me during my […]

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The problems with outcome-based approaches to education
David Edwards

Today we explore some of the problems with global learning metrics from the perspective of teacher unions. In particular, we look at outcomes-based approaches to international education development. Such an approach uses global learning metrics to quantify supposed outcomes of education. But as a result, education is reduced and simplified. My guest today is David […]

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The impracticality of practical research
Tom Popkewitz

I’m going to generalize here. I bet for many listeners schooling is understood as an institution that instills in children a type of practical knowledge that hopefully makes them future productive citizens. Education through schooling is the answer to many social problems. It’s very purpose is to improve society. But where did these ideas come […]

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Urban Refugees and Education
Mary Mendenhall, Garnett Russell, & Elizabeth Buckner

Did you know that today there are more forcibly displaced people than at any time since World War II? The total number comes out to roughly 65 million, including internally displaced peoples, asylum seekers, and refugees. That’s roughly 1 out of every 113 people on Earth. Today I speak with three professors from Teachers College, […]