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Developmental Leadership in the Philippines
Michele Schweisfurth

Today we look at developmental leadership in the Philippines. My guest is Professor Michele Schweisfurth. In a recent report for the Developmental Leadership Program, with support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Michele and a team explored the ways in which higher education has supported the emergence of developmental leaders and the […]

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Arrested while researching: the case of Curtis Riep and Bridge International
Angelo Gavrielatos

Low-fee private schools are a hot topic in educational research. What happens when public schooling is provided by for-profit companies that charge families monthly user fees? What happens when those companies receive government funds? Researchers around the world have been exploring various issues around for-profit public schooling. One company has been of particular interest. Bridge […]

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Brexit and Education
Susan Robertson

We don’t normally air shows in the middle of the week but the vote in Britain to leave the EU warrants a special show. Let’s call it FreshEdge — a look at the most pressing issues today. Susan Robertson joins us today to talk about Brexit and its implications for education. She is professor of sociology […]

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Film in educational research
David Cole

Can film help us understand educational phenomena? My guest today, David Cole, has co-written a new book called A Pedagogy of Cinema. By analyzing images in various films, he attempts to produce philosophical insights into education systems dominated by a digitalized, corporatized, and surveillance-controlled world. David Cole is an Associate Professor in Education at Western Sydney University, […]

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Global Partnership for Education
Francine Menashy

The Global Partnership for Education is a powerful multi-stakeholder organization in educational development. It funnels millions of dollars to develop education systems in dozens of low-income countries. Yet the board of directors of the organization strategically avoids some of the most important and controversial topics in education today. My guest today, Francine Menashy, has researched the Global Partnership […]

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Education For All as international regime
Leon Tikly

Education For All is a global movement led by UNESCO. It began in 1990 when 155 countries adopted the World Declaration on Education For All. The movement was renewed in the year 2000 when countries agreed on the Dakar Framework for Action, which committed them to achieve education for all by the year 2015. Education For All […]