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Tom Popkewitz
The impracticality of practical research

I’m going to generalize here. I bet for many listeners schooling is understood as an institution that instills in children a type of practical knowledge that hopefully makes them future productive citizens. Education through schooling is the answer to many social problems. It’s very purpose is to improve society. But where did these ideas come […]

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Mary Mendenhall, Garnett Russell, & Elizabeth Buckner
Urban Refugees and Education

Did you know that today there are more forcibly displaced people than at any time since World War II? The total number comes out to roughly 65 million, including internally displaced peoples, asylum seekers, and refugees. That’s roughly 1 out of every 113 people on Earth. Today I speak with three professors from Teachers College, […]

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Michele Schweisfurth
Developmental Leadership in the Philippines

Today we look at developmental leadership in the Philippines. My guest is Professor Michele Schweisfurth. In a recent report for the Developmental Leadership Program, with support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Michele and a team explored the ways in which higher education has supported the emergence of developmental leaders and the […]

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Angelo Gavrielatos
Arrested while researching: The case of Curtis Riep and Bridge International

Low-fee private schools are a hot topic in educational research. What happens when public schooling is provided by for-profit companies that charge families monthly user fees? What happens when those companies receive government funds? Researchers around the world have been exploring various issues around for-profit public schooling. One company has been of particular interest. Bridge […]