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Joan Dassin & Aryn Baxter
International scholarships in higher education

Many students move across national borders to attend university.  Although the number of these globally mobile students is small compared to the total number of students enrolled in higher education, there numbers are increasing. But the patterns are changing, with more regional and south-south mobility. The role of scholarships in promoting these new patterns of […]

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Daniel Friedrich & Erica Colmenares
El Chavo del Ocho as a New Direction in Comparative Education

Today we talk about a television show that was hugely popular in Latin America called El Chavo del Ocho. The show crossed borders across Latin America, taking on a multiplicity of meaning. My guests today, Daniel Friedrich and Erica Colmenares, have a new edited collection that explores how the show worked and produced particular visions […]

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Paul Reville
The Education Redesign Lab

Ever since the 1983 Nation at Risk report, America has seemingly gone through one educational reform after another. Have these reforms worked? My guest today, Paul Reville, thinks the reforms have correctly focused on the goals of excellence and equity but have not addressed the systemic problems impacting schools. Paul Reville is the founding director […]

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Paul Tarc
Framing international education in global times

Today we look at the history and tensions of international education. My guest is Paul Tarc, an Associate professor at Western University. Paul sees certain tensions as inherent in the very idea of international education. As universities around the world embrace internationalism in an era of limited state funding, some wonder whether those idealists intentions […]

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Shenila Khoja-Moolji
Decolonizing Teacher Training in Pakistan

This is the last episode in our four-part series leading up to the CIES 2017 Symposium. In the past three episodes, we have talked about decolonizing knowledge and innovating comparative and international education primarily from within the USA. But what does decolonization look like in other countries? Today we focus on Pakistan. My guest is […]